toko fukawa is a character from the danganronpa franchise. also known as the ultimate writing prodigy, she gets into hope's peak academy because of her impeccable writing skills. she maintains a sour attitude constantly, and is suspcious of everyone and everything. she also just happens to have dissociative identity disorder due to childhood trauma. genocide jack is one of her alters, who is best described as a murderous fiend.

she's my favorite character for a multitude of reasons. i deeply relate to her, especially her mannerisms, outlook, and what have you. she's a super complex character and i just love that about her! even when i was first playing danganronpa, i always found her interesting. but as i started replaying it recently, i just enjoyed her character even more. and desperately wanting to bring back character shrines as well as analyze her, i snagged this user and got to work. i hope you enjoy this.

NOVELTY 2020-2021